Free Online Notepad

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How does this work?

All data is stored in your browser's temporary files automatically and is never sent to us. If you come back to the site again with the same browser, it'll be here waiting for you. It's a simple alternative to Evernote or OneNote which require you to create accounts.

Where did my notes go?

If your notes have disappeared, you may have cleared your browser's temporary files. If you do this regularly, be sure to uncheck the box to clear offline web site data to keep your notes safe.

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EnglishEN DeutschDE ItalianoIT УкраїнськаUA РусскийRU ΕλληνικάEL is a completely free online notepad tool that you can use right here in your web browser. You are able to create a whole range of notes, ideas, and to do lists that you’re able to simply copy and paste the text where you would like. This is a simple to use minimalistic online notepad that also comes with an autosave feature - allowing you to essentially store your text (you can see more about just how that works in the ‘how does this work’ section. It essentially allows you to come back and visit your text notes anytime you want provided you use the same browser and device and haven’t cleared cookies.

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